Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The War Process...Arafat's gone...who's to blame now?

David Michaelis

This war has deteriorated at a fast pace, as both sides are driven by people who believe that Arabs and Jews are destined to die together and not live together.

The word ‘peace’ has not been mentioned by anyone yet, because we all realize we’re living between ceasefires, and not in any kind of “Peace Process.” In the last few years, the media in the U.S. has constantly referred to such a process, which is a complete misnomer. It was a pre-war process that prepared people for the next round.

The Israeli media continues to blame Arafat for the muddle in the Middle East. Well, he’s been gone now for some time and things are only getting tougher and more polarized.

So let us look for someone else to blame, but never forget to look ourselves in the mirror and ask how this march of follies happened.

We Israelis are so smug about our army and clever maneuvering. But we do not bother to get a real insight into the Arab world — or for that matter into the Muslim world. We imagine ourselves to be living between Norway and the UK. We call our selves a country that is a “Villa in the Jungle.” If you look at the neighborhood you live in as a jungle of animals, do not be surprised if they want to have you for dinner…


At 8:07 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I'm delighted to learn you have joined the blogosphere. Interviewing you I believe was very enlightening for anyone interested in developments in the mideast.

I will read your blog frequently for my own continuing education about the mideast. And of course I shall add a link to your site on my blogroll.



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