Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You can bet your bottom dollar the American tax payers will foot Israel’s $5 billion dollar bill

According to the Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot, the war cost Israel at least $5 billion dollars. The amazing part is that the stock exchange is flourishing in Israel these days and the Israeli Shekel, currency, gets stronger everyday. Still you can be sure that as part of the war against “Islamo Fascism” Israel will ask Bush to pay the bill — or at least a part of it. We never cover our own costs because we know how to play the role of the poor cousin.

As the Congress blindly underwrites any USA-Israel military deals, U.S. citizens will be asked to foot the bill. However, the right wing neoconservative groups in DC are disappointed with Israel’s performance in the war. Americans, I have learned, do not like losers. The neoconservative vision of the “New Middle East” received a real set back.

The neoconservative-Jews and non-Jews alike are ready to sacrifice more Israeli and Palestinian lives for their vision to become true. Their disappointment with Israel’s military performance will not deter some people in Washington to go on with what emerges as a scorched earth policy in the Middle East.

It will take may years after President Bush leaves the oval office for any other administration to recreate any semblance of trust between the USA and the Arab world. The image of the USA being on a crusade for democracy, which can be achieved by using bayonets, is deadly. “You can win with bayonets but you can not sit on them” as the Iraq case has proven.

For us Israelis the difference is that we go on living in the Middle East and will pay a heavy price with our lives for this “New Democratic Middle East” adventure.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Well put. The U.S. is underwriting Israel's folly in Lebanon.

Also, the Iranian tax payers are underwriting Hezbollah's crimes. Nobody is wearing white hats in any of this.

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